Tuesday 16 October 2007

2007 in the UK so far

Thanks to both of you (!) who voted in our poll (yes, I voted!). I suspect you may have got it wrong though. Having just scored the UK charts up to the end of the third quarter of the year I can now exclusively reveal that the top ten acts so far are:

1) Mika
2) Rihanna
3) Amy Winehouse
4) Take That
5) Timbaland
6) Justin Timberlake
7) Akon
8) Nelly Furtado
9) Jay-Z
10) Kaiser Chiefs

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Problems with CW Email

We had some problems with our email while our beloved web hosts were moving accounts between servers (and deleting all our old emails!) so if you've tried to email john@chartwatch.co.uk lately and haven't had a reply, try again and hopefully we'll pick you out from amongst all the spam.