Friday 6 December 2019

CW123 now available

CW 123 is now available to buy - go to We have also recently uploaded a scan of our 1993 chart booklet.

Contents of CW123:

The Future of Chartwatch
Year By Year 1948
US Charts in the 1920s?
Top 100 A-Sides 1951-1960
Sound of the Underground V2
Collectacharts Stereophonics-Stiff Little Fingers
Decade 1940-1949
Least Successful Top 10 Albums 1956-2018
UK 3rd Quarter 2019

Sunday 3 November 2019

All Chartwatch back issues back to CW89 are now available online

We have just added pdfs of CW89, CW90, CW91, CW93 and CW94. Check out

Sunday 27 October 2019

Just added: back issues No's 7, 9, 13 and 19

We have just added scans of four historical Chartwatches from the 1980s to our offering of PDF downloads. These were scanned from our own personal collections so aren't of the same high quality as modern editions but we think they're interesting for their content alone.

We will be adding more back issues in following weeks, starting with Nos 89-94.

To see a complete list of what is available please visit

Saturday 31 August 2019

Full (Top 200) UK charts

Chartwatch is very keen to obtain copies of UK top 200 charts, especially from 1991-1994. If you have access to these (in full or part) please contact

Friday 23 August 2019

Chartwatch 122 now available to buy online

The new edition of Chartwatch can be bought online for £1.00 via

Contents of issue 122:

Decade 2009-2018

Eurovision 2019

LPs with most weeks on the vinyl charts

David Bowie on the Vinyl Albums chart

Collectacharts Status Quo - Stereo Nation

Top Song Revivals since 1940

Best Selling Albums 1972

UK 2nd Quarter 2019

Wednesday 29 May 2019

New Back Issues - CW97 and CW98 - now available

Two "new" back issues of Chartwatch are now available to purchase online via

CW97 includes our analysis of the 2010 UK charts, France singles charts 2010, biggest climbs up the charts, playlist of the first tracks of various styles, singles charts top tens that don't include a group 1955-2010, tracks on most hit compilations, and most simultaneous singles and albums.

CW98 Decade 2001-2010, top ten acts 2001-2010, highest singles charts points totals 2001-2010, the 2010 scoring system, music video 2010, most simultaneous singles and albums (part 2), playlist of first hits from independent record labels, most weeks between first and last top 10 LP charts appearance, and scoring of the first quarter UK charts of 2011.

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Chartwatch 121 is now available to buy online

Chartwatch 121 is now available to buy online. 

Contents of issue 121:

UK 2018

Top Singles and Albums Acts 2018
Collectacharts Spirit Of The Forest – Warren Stacey
Weeks On Chart 2018
France Singles 2018
Chartwatch Football  Ladder:  Top 10 Acts 1953-2017
The Forties Re-Scored
Best Selling Albums 1971

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