Wednesday, 29 May 2019

New Back Issues - CW97 and CW98 - now available

Two "new" back issues of Chartwatch are now available to purchase online via

CW97 includes our analysis of the 2010 UK charts, France singles charts 2010, biggest climbs up the charts, playlist of the first tracks of various styles, singles charts top tens that don't include a group 1955-2010, tracks on most hit compilations, and most simultaneous singles and albums.

CW98 Decade 2001-2010, top ten acts 2001-2010, highest singles charts points totals 2001-2010, the 2010 scoring system, music video 2010, most simultaneous singles and albums (part 2), playlist of first hits from independent record labels, most weeks between first and last top 10 LP charts appearance, and scoring of the first quarter UK charts of 2011.

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