Sunday, 29 July 2007

CW Recent Issues (December 2006)

Contents of recent issues:

CW85 (December 2006):

Decade 1996-2005
Highest New Entries 2005
Top Compilation Albums 2005
France Singles 2005
NME Best Selling Discs by British Artists Chart 1954
Collectacharts (Police-Praying Mantis)
Eurovision Song Contest 2006
Record Mirror and Melody Maker Only Hits 1955-1958
Oldest Albums To Chart 1998-2004
UK Second Quarter 2006

CW86 (December 2006):

Comparison of Number One Albums in the UK from Music Week, Melody Maker and New Musical Express 1962-1988
Collectacharts (Precious-Elvis Presley)
Chart Disparities: The Case of EPs
UK Third Quarter 2006

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