Tuesday 17 January 2023

CW reader has UK music magazines to give away

Reader Dave McAleer has a few hundred copies of UK publications, including NME, Record Mirror, MM, Music Week, Country Music People, Blues & Soul, and US trade papers Billboard, Cash Box & Record World, that he thinks might be of interest to someone.

He is more than happy to pass them on to any fellow records/charts enthusiasts who would appreciate having them, and who could either pick them up from him in South London (please email john@chartwatch.co.uk to make contact) or can arrange to get them collected. The pics show the mags' condition).


He is not expecting someone to take everything, and is happy to answer any questions (via email)  anyone may have about any part of the collection.

Image of Billboard magazines

Image of Record Mirror (RM) magazines

Image of NME magazines

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